Tropical Turf Mix

Axonopus compressus

Tropical MixtropicalturfTropical Turf Mix is a mixture of 80% buffalo and 20% couch varieties. This mix allows slabs of turf to hold together better at harvest and transport and is a slightly cheaper alternative to straight Buffalo. Tropical Turf Mix, also known as Buffalo Mix, Carpet Grass or Broadleaf, is an economical, creeping, stoloniferous, perennial, warm season grass. It has wide leaves (approx. 6mm) with blunt and rounded tips that have a unique curling along the edges. The turf will form a dense mat and crowd out other lawn species.

Best suited to sub-tropical and tropical regions of Australia, Tropical Turf will thrive in low fertility areas.

Tropical Turf Mix will grow in most soil types – from clay to sandy soil- as long as moisture is available. It is not suitable for very sandy soils as it has a shallow root system.

tropical-varietyBenefits of Tropical Turf Mix:

  • Economical
  • Ideal for home lawns and semi-shaded areas
  • Up to 70% shade tolerant
  • Requires little maintenance
  • One of the only lawns that may be left to grow long and then mowed down without any scalping

Concerns with Tropical Turf MIx:

  • Poor low temperature tolerance
  • Will not grow in very sandy or waterlogged soils
  • Low wear and tear tolerance
  • Low herbicide tolerance

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