Lawn Turf FAQ’s

Please browse our FAQ’s below and contact us if you have any further questions.

What is the thickness of turf for preparation of area for laying?

When preparing a new area, you will need to allow 45mm for your turf slabs to sit on top. This clearance enables the lawn to sit at the correct heights, especially when install turf alongside driveways, paths and garden edging which normally determines your levels.

How long can the turf keep on a pallet before it needs to be laid?

Ideally, your turf needs to be laid within 24 hours of receiving it to ensure that the root systems do not dry out. In the cooler months it can last longer but getting it installed as soon as possible will results in a better, healthier lawn in the long run.

When can I give my new lawn its first mow?

The first mowing usually takes place within10-21 days of laying, depending on the season. Your new lawn will take root faster at warmer times of the year.

To see if your lawn is ready for a mow, just grab hold of the turf matt and see if you can lift it – if it doesn’t lift, then you can mow.

We suggest giving your lawn a drink straight after the first mow and don’t let your lawn get too long before its first mow. If your lawn is in quite a bit of shade, it could probably be left a bit longer.

What height should a lawn be mowed at?

You should maintain your lawn at 35mm height which usually 3rd -4th notch from the bottom on your lawn mower.

If your lawn is in a lot of shade we recommend raising the mower height to 5 or 6 on your mower and mow less frequently.

How much topsoil/underlay should we put down?

Use a good quality sandy loam from your local landscape yard and lay 50-100mm of underlay before laying your new turf.

When is the best time to lay turf?

In North Queensland we can lay lawns all year round; however we do find laying in the summer months is harder work and requires a lot more watering, so we suggest avoiding December and January if possible.

How often should I water my new lawn?

New lawns will need to be watered heavily on the day of installation. After that you will need to keep the soil most to make it attractive for the new roots to make their home. We recommend:

  • Morning and night in hot weather for at least 3 weeks
  • Once a day in cooler weather for 3 weeks

Why is Sir Walter better than other Buffalo varieties?

Sir Walter turf has proven itself since it has been in production and is better than other Buffalo varieties by:

  • Thick matt that suppresses all other weeds
  • Lawn grubs don’t normally bother it
  • The most drought tolerant of all buffalo varieties
  • Green colour all year round
  • The best shade variety on the market
  • Has the best resistance to herbicides and fungi
  • Quicker recovery after wear and tear

Do I need to top dress newly laid turf?

No, if your slabs are properly laid or have been professionally installed by the team at Harden Park Lawns there is no need to top dress. Top dressing is only done when you need to repair your lawn due to poor nutrients or levels.