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Installing your Lawn Year Round

In Queensland we’re particularly lucky – our climate allows us to be able to install a new lawn any time we like.

Regardless of the time of year the process of installing a new lawn is an important but fairly simple one.

Two weeks before installationPreparing Turf

  • Remove any existing lawn and all weeds. ALL of them – trust us, it’s a lot easier to remove them now rather than have them come up through your new turf. You can remove them by hand or use a glyphosate weed killer to ensure you got every last one of them and their roots.
  • Contact the team at Harden Park Lawns to organise the delivery of your new lawn.

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Growing Buffalo Lawn from Seed

growing-sirwalter-from-seedThe first question about growing Buffalo lawn from seed should always be this – is it possible? A simple answer – yes and no! Not simple? Try this…

Yes is it possible that a Buffalo lawn be grown from seed – if you can get your hands on any. At last check Buffalo seed is not available in Australia.

And no. Growing Buffalo lawn from seed is notoriously difficult and hence why most people, including turf farmers, don’t even try. This is, in part, why a turf farm never harvests the entire stock of Buffalo lawn at one time – we leave a strip behind that the new lawn can grow from.
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What is Tropical Mix

Tropical MixSimply put, Tropical Turf Mix is a mixture of Buffalo (80%) and Couch (20%). The primary benefit of this combination is the ability of the turf slabs to hold together during both the harvesting and transportation processes. It’s also a cheaper alternative to a 100% Buffalo turf variety.

The variety of turf can also be called Carpet Grass, Broadleaf or Buffalo Mix and is an economical, warm season grass which makes it ideal for rental properties, first home owners and commercial properties.

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Understanding Grass

understanding-grassBefore you sit down to determine the best type of turf for your next project perhaps you could take a few minutes to understanding what grass actually is and how it works.

The Gramineae (or grass) family of plants is one of the largest on Earth, encompassing over 9000 known species. Why so common and wide spread? It’s simple – grass has a simple structure and a simple way in which they function and grow – simple!

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The perfect choice for full sun lawns – Qld Blue Couch

Sun on lawnsIf you are lucky enough to have a North Queensland lawn that receives full-sun, then Queensland Blue Couch from Harden Park Lawns might be the ideal choice for you.

Strangely enough, Queensland Blue Couch is neither originally from Queensland, nor is it a true couch turf variety; but it is blue – ish. Originating in South Africa, this turf has been adopted by Queensland and earned its name due to its suitability to the local environment particularly as it has excellent salt tolerance, traffic tolerance, and it less aggressive than ‘true’ couch varieties.

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How to choose a lawn to suit the North Queensland climate


Deciding to install a new lawn is just the beginning. Choosing the right variety of turf to suit the North Queensland climate is the next, and most important, step.

There are numerous varieties available but not all lawns are created equal so you need to consider a few important aspects while making your choice.

The local climate

If you haven’t lived locally for long, conduct some research or talk to your neighbours and find out exactly what the local climate is really like. Things such as average annual rainfall, severe weather events as well as maximum and minimum temperatures should all make up part of your lawn variety selection.

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Spotlight on Tropical Turf

Tropical TurfIf your soil suffers from low fertility – whether it be clay to sandy – then Tropical Turf might just be the right choice for your new lawn. Perfectly suited to tropical and sub-tropical regions, Tropical Turf is also commonly known as Buffalo, Carpet Grass or Broadleaf.

This is an economical, stoloniferous, perennial, creeping and warm season grass which has wide leaves with blunt, rounded tips which unique curling along its edges. After establishment this turf will form a dense mat, crowding out other evasive lawn varieties and weeds.

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Coming Soon – Platinum Zoysia – Our Hardy Alternative

Harden Park Lawns is happy to announce a new variety of turf is coming soon. The Platinum Zoysia is also known as the hardy alternative. With the nickname EZ (easy) Grass this turf is perfect for those wanting a fairly self-reliant lawn – it requires less watering and less fertiliser than most other varieties on the market. This aspect makes it a great choice for investment properties, older families and commercial applications.

Features of Platinum Zoysia:

  • Dark green colour
  • Semi shade tolerant requiring 4-5 hours of full sun each day
  • A fine leaf texture which ensures it is soft to touch
  • Grows well in both sandy or clay soils
  • Salt tolerant making it ideal for coastal regions
  • Drought tolerant with deep roots and underground runner system
  • Thrives in extreme heat
  • Tolerates frosty conditions
  • High wearing when subject to traffic
  • Recovers well from damage, pest infestations and disease
  • Great at out competing invasive grasses and weeds
  • Durable and robust
  • Good resistance to diseases and pests

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Highlighting Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter
Sir Walter – Soft-leaf Buffalo Turf

Stenotaphram secundatum

There’s a very good reason that Sir Walter soft-leaf Buffalo turf has become Australia’s favourite Buffalo turf – it’s an amazing all round turf that suits conditions across the country from the southern states to our very own tropical north.

Sir Walter is grown locally so it is already acclimatised to the environment in which it will be living. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, such as school playgrounds and childcare centres, Sir Walter is perfect for kids, allergy sufferers, pets and the environment – it acts as a natural firebreak, water filtration systems and air-conditioner.
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Choosing the Right Turf for Tropical Queensland Lawns

sir-walter-variety Just how do you know which is the right variety of turf for your new lawn considering the number of different varieties on the market?

Harden Park Lawns has an easy guide to help you to determine the variety of turf that best suit your unique requirements. No one variety will suit all yards so if you are still unsure after reading through the guide, contact our team for personalised assistance.

Except for in high altitude areas, warm season grasses are suitable for year round growth in North Queensland. The brands provided by Harden Park Lawns are all specifically chosen for our tropical conditions.


  • Colour: Mid-green
  • Growth: Slow
  • Shade Tolerance: Good – Very Good
  • Wear Tolerance: Very Good
  • Water Requirements: Medium
  • Fertilising Requirements: Medium
  • Mowing Requirements: Low

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