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A quick refresher on watering North Queensland lawns

wateringUp here in North Queensland we know our climate is pretty unique to the rest of the country, and so too are the watering requirements for our lawns.

As the wet season, humidity and higher temperatures approach it’s time for a quick refresher on watering our North Queensland lawns.
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Your quick, ultimate lawn mowing guide – just in time for the growing season

mowingAs the weather warms up your lawn’s growing season will ramp up too. So, it seems like the perfect time to provide you with your quick, ultimate lawn mowing guide.

How often to mow

Now this will depend on a range of factors such as:

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Benefits and Cost Effectiveness of an Instant Lawn

laying-turfMany people have been led to believe that installing instant turf is expensive, but how true is that claim when compared to the alternatives?

When we consider the costing of covering a 10 metre square part of your property the figures really are quite astounding. Keep in mind too that the figures below are general in nature but do include costs for site preparation, underlay, soil, surface preparation, supply and install.
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Getting a new lawn in time for summer starts here – Part 2

turf-choice-2Continuing on from Part 1 of our ‘getting a new lawn in time for summer starts here’, the Harden Park Lawns team works through the other issues you need to consider when choosing a variety of lawn for your North Queensland yard.
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Getting a new lawn in time for summer starts here – Part 1

turf-choiceYou still have time to have your new lawn in time for summer but first, you have a very important decision to make; which lawn variety will you choose.
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Understanding thatch levels

When you move into a new home with a lawn, or install a new lawn, the thatch build-up might not register with you and with good reason. Many varieties of Buffalo lawn in Australia are naturally a low thatch type of lawn, as are common varieties of Kikuyu. But, here’s the important bit…some new varieties of lawn available are not low thatch.
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Preparing for the lawn growing season

lawn-support-for-lifeAs warm season grasses head into their growing season, it’s a great opportunity to undertake a little prep work. Some time spent now will ensure a stronger, healthier lawn over the coming months.

Here we outline 5 top tips to preparing for the lawn growing season in North Queensland:
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Buffalo lawn tips & tricks

Buffalo GrassBuffalo lawns, including Sir Walter, require a few tips and tricks to keep them in ultimate health and condition. Read More→

Zoysia tips & tricks

GrassWhile a Zoysia lawn might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be a great choice of lawn for far north Queensland properties. Zoysia (such as Platinum Zoysia grown and supplied by Harden Park Lawns) is soft to walk on and for children to play on, while having no irritating qualities to pets, children or adults. Read More→

Couch Tips & Tricks

Lawn and HouseCouch lawns have been a favourite lawn variety in Queensland for quite some time now. Their reasonable cost combined with their preference for our warm sunny environments, good drought resistance and quick repair capabilities all work in their favour. Read More→