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Common Issues With Lawns

Here the Harden Park Lawns team discuss some of the most common lawn issues and how to fix them.

Grass wilting or turning brown

If you see that the grass leaves are beginning to wilt or turn brown then your lawn is trying to tell you that it is starting to suffer from the effects of drought. In a nutshell, your lawn is thirsty.

Solution: Deep and infrequent watering. Aim to give the entire lawn a good soaking of around 2.5cms of water.

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Making your home more appealing

Are you getting ready to put your property on the market? Have you just moved into your very own place and want to put your stamp on your new home? Do you just want to one up the neighbours by having the best looking house on the street? Making your home more appealing doesn’t need to cost a fortune, or take up every weekend. Follow our top tips and you’ll have a more appealing home in no time at all.
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Are you the noisy neighbour?

Lawn mowers, whipper snippers, leaf blowers, mulchers – lawn care can be a noisy business – but there are ways that you can take care of your yard without being that noisy neighbour that everyone complains about. It’s not just common courtesy and great for neighbourhood harmony, it’s also a legal requirement.
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Lawn for Dry Areas

When looking for a lawn for dry areas you will need to find a variety that has great drought tolerance. Drought tolerance refers to the turf’s ability to remain green and stay alive for the longest period of time while receiving little to no rainfall, and under heavy water restrictions. Of equal importance, is the lawn’s ability to recover itself and return from brown to green once it begins receiving water again.
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Lawn for Very Wet Areas

Growing a lawn and keeping it alive and healthy isn’t overly hard as long as you follow the right guidelines and choose the right variety of turf.

If you live in an area with high annual rainfall, your area is prone to flooding or your property has very poor drainage, then you’ll need to install a turf that doesn’t mind getting its feet wet. Finding such a lawn variety used to be quite tricky but not any more.
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How do I know I’m getting genuine Sir Walter turf

There’s imitations and knock-offs for just about every product on the market these days and it’s no different in the turf industry. So, how do you know you’re getting the real deal when you buy your Sir Walter turf? There are three main things to look for/ask about when buying your Sir Walter turf:
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The Question of Seed vs. Instant Turf

It’s a question many home owners struggle with, and if you’re wondering which one you should choose here are some considerations you should be aware of:
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The best type of lawn for North Queensland

As you can imagine, different grass varieties act quite differently in different soil types and climates. Some are shade tolerant, salt tolerant, frost tolerant, drought tolerant. Some love a more acidic soil, some not so much. There is no one perfect grass variety to suit every location. If you want a healthy lawn, then you need to start with the best quality turf and the best turf variety for your needs and local conditions.
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How much does a new lawn cost?

We all want to make sure we don’t waste money. We all want value for our money. And many have had to consider the question ‘how much does a new lawn cost?
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Getting ready for a new lawn

Before you order, arrange a delivery of, and/or install your new lawn it’s crucial that you get the preparation of the area right. This applies to both a whole new lawn and if you are just adding a small amount of turf. When you are preparing for your new Harden Park Lawns instant turf lawn you need to have a minimum of 100mms of well worked soil underneath.
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