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Balancing the soft and hard surfaces in your lawn

House YardOften the percentage of soft surfaces versus the percentage of hard surfaces is not even up to you as the property owner; it’s the decision of your local council. This is most usually relevant to building extensions, renovations and new developments where councils give more credits for lawns to reduce costly storm water.

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Real vs Synthetic Lawns for North Queensland

Real vs SyntheticWhen building, renovating or undertaking a new landscaping project in North Queensland there will come a time when the lawn will be the topic of discussion. You will be presented with options such as natural/real lawn and synthetic lawn. It’s an important decision as it involves initial costs, ongoing maintenance, safety and of course, the look it gives to your outdoor space.

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Improving your soil

Improving Your SoilThere are typically three soil types (clay, sandy and loam) with many soils fitting in between the three. For example, you might have a clay loam or a sandy loam type of soil at your place.

For lawn purposes a great soil is a loam soil and if you are lucky enough to have that, chances are you won’t have much to do in the way of soil improvement but if you have another type…you’ll need to read on. Read More→

Understanding conversions for your lawn installation and maintenance

Understanding Conversion Lawn InstallationUnless you’re a landscaper, builder or something similar, by trade, converting volumes and weights of materials when you are installing or maintaining your lawn can be confusing and pretty easy to get wrong.

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Why Buffalo is best

Why Buffalo is BestBuffalo soft-leaf grass is a fantastic choice for North Queensland backyards and we can tell you why.

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Cost efficiency of an instant turf lawn

TurfMany people are led to believe that installing an instant turf lawn is an expensive option, but is it really? You might be surprised.



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Benefits of installing a new, instant, natural lawn

Lifestyle Natural LawnA natural, instant turf lawn is the perfect addition to a North Queensland home. Not only do they provide comfort, beauty and add to the value of your property (homes with well-maintained lawn sell faster and for more) but they offer a swag of environmental benefits.

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Choosing the best lawn for small areas

Small Lawn AreaChances are that if you only have a small area for a lawn then you won’t want to be spending a lot of time and/or money on maintenance. So how do you choose the best lawn for a small area?

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Lawn for your local climate

Lawn Local ClimateWhen it comes to lawns in Australia, our country is essentially divided into three different climate types. Understanding where you live will help you to better choose the right lawn to survive and thrive in your local area.

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How to choose the right type of turf

Turf PalletsChoosing the right type of turf to install in your backyard can be tricky; there’s lots to consider – the soil type, the climate, the size of the yard, the cost, and the amount of ongoing maintenance it will require. Below we have put together a handy table to help you to determine the right turf for your place.  Read More→