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How to mow a lawn the right way

It’s a fact that we are not born simply knowing the right way to mow a lawn. Some of us didn’t grow up with mowing the lawn as one of our chores. With this in mind it can be confronting and confusing when you move into your first place with a lawn and you are expected to maintain it.

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12 Days of Xmas Lawn Care

There’s so much to do this time of year, especially if you’re hosting Christmas day at your place, but with a little bit of time over the 12 days leading up to the 25th, you’ll be all sorted and so will your lawn.
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What is mulch mowing?

You may have heard this term before; mulch mowing, but do you know what it means, how it works and when you should do it to help the health of your lawn.

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Summer Survival Guide

Summer is often the most challenging time of year for your North Queensland lawn, with extreme heat, wind and dryness, as well as a lot of rainfall getting thrown at it.

We can’t do much about the weather but you can make sure your lawn is well set up to survive everything the season throws at it.
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A quick refresher on watering North Queensland lawns

wateringUp here in North Queensland we know our climate is pretty unique to the rest of the country, and so too are the watering requirements for our lawns.

As the wet season, humidity and higher temperatures approach it’s time for a quick refresher on watering our North Queensland lawns.
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Your quick, ultimate lawn mowing guide – just in time for the growing season

mowingAs the weather warms up your lawn’s growing season will ramp up too. So, it seems like the perfect time to provide you with your quick, ultimate lawn mowing guide.

How often to mow

Now this will depend on a range of factors such as:

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How to get a fantastic lawn and make your home better too – Part 2

beautiful-lawn-2Turf Australia has found that a lawn adds significant value to the home, with buyers prepared to pay up to $75,000 more for a lawn but only if it is well-maintained.

A lawn, small or large, also has many benefits to the local micro-climate. So, how do you get and maintain a fantastic lawn?
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How to get a fantastic lawn and make your home better too – Part 1

beautiful-lawnA healthy, green lawn not only looks fantastic but it increases the value of your home and can also have a noticeable effect on the local micro-climate.

‘Vegetation surrounding the dwelling plays an important role in storm drainage and biodiversity, and has serious ecological implications,’ says Tony Hall, professor of Urban Research at Griffith University.
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Maintaining a high use lawn

Perhaps you have the next Jonathon Thurston at home, perhaps you’re raising a Tim Cahill or a Michael Clarke, whatever the sport, if your lawn is copping it from hours and hours of harsh treatment it can begin to suffer. But, we can help you learn how to maintain a high use lawn so everyone can continue to enjoy it.
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Feeding your lawn for Spring

For a healthy, thriving, green lawn it’s important to feed it correctly. It’s best practice to apply a fertiliser every spring, summer and autumn.
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