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Mowing Safety Tips

From time to time we can all become a little complacent with tasks we complete of a regular basis, but we must remember that safety comes first; always, even when mowing the lawn.

Here’s the Harden Park Lawns mowing safety tips:

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Common Issues With Lawns

Here the Harden Park Lawns team discuss some of the most common lawn issues and how to fix them.

Grass wilting or turning brown

If you see that the grass leaves are beginning to wilt or turn brown then your lawn is trying to tell you that it is starting to suffer from the effects of drought. In a nutshell, your lawn is thirsty.

Solution: Deep and infrequent watering. Aim to give the entire lawn a good soaking of around 2.5cms of water.

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Watering lawn the right way

The longer days and warmer temperatures in North Queensland signal that we all need to be paying closer attention to the watering needs of our lawn.

Harden Park Lawns has put together their top tips for summer watering:

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The Christmas lawn care guide

The annual countdown is on – a month until Christmas. You’ve made your list and checked it twice, but have you got your lawn care sorted? Before family and friends arrive to celebrate and the backyard cricket gets underway, there’s a few lawn care issues you should take care of so you can relax knowing that your lawn is under control – it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about as the big day gets closer.
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Yellow patches in lawns

Do you have yellow patches in your otherwise lovely green lawn? There are a few common reasons it could be happening. Learn more below, and how to fix these issues.

Firstly, take a closer look at your lawn – if the tips of the grass are yellow but the rest of the leaf blade is green, there could be a really simple explanation – and an easy fix. Blunt or dull lawn-mower blades can tear your grass,
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Mowing during the Warmer Weather / Wet Season

Mowing during the warmer months or wet season needs to follow a couple of rules to ensure that it increases the lawn quality, decreases the number of weeds, reduces the likelihood of disease and upkeeps a great appearance.

Warm season grass varieties (which we mostly have here in Far North Queensland) can require mowing up to three times a week during their growing phrase, aka the wet season.
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Let the sun shine on your lawn

Adequate sunlight is required for the grass plants that make up your lawn to undergo photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process that turns nutrients from the soil into the carbohydrates needed for the lawn to consume as food. And since lawn is unable to move to source better food and nutrients, it’s important you ensure that all areas of your lawn have enough sunlight.

Overall, if photosynthesis does not occur correctly your lawn will starve to death.
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Are you the noisy neighbour?

Lawn mowers, whipper snippers, leaf blowers, mulchers – lawn care can be a noisy business – but there are ways that you can take care of your yard without being that noisy neighbour that everyone complains about. It’s not just common courtesy and great for neighbourhood harmony, it’s also a legal requirement.
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How do I improve my lawn?

There are a few quick and easy steps you can take to help improve the health (and look) of your lawn.
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13 lawn care tricks – Part 1

We often get asked what is a good mowing regimen to maintain a great looking lawn without over doing it, so we have compiled what we consider to be the top 13 lawn mowing tips and tricks to help you. In part 1 we will give you the first 6 of our top 13.
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