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Greening your lawn with Ammonium Sulphate

GrassUsing Ammonium Sulphate, also called Sulphate of Ammonium, can green your lawn almost faster than anything else on the market. Why would you need to instantly green your lawn? Perhaps you have a special event planned, maybe you have your home on the market and need the property to look its very best.

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Common Problems with Trees in Lawn

Trees in ShadeNow there’s nothing quite like relaxing in the shade of a tree in your very own lawn but there are some issues with trees in lawns that need to be considered.  Read More→

Don’t be the noisy neighbour

NeighboursSometimes lawn and garden maintenance can be a noisy affair – lawnmowers, whipper snippers, leaf blowers, mulchers – but there are ways that you can take care of your yard without being that noisy neighbour that everyone in the street complains about. Read More→

Reduce stress by mowing the lawn – true story!

Reduce Stress MowingHad a rough week? Stressing? Feeling a bit on the anxious side? Did you know that mowing the lawn can help?
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Can I have grass if I have allergies?

Grass AllergiesAccording to the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy, two in five Australian suffer from an environmental allergy or hay fever. If you are a sufferer you might be asking the question, ‘Can I have grass if I have allergies?’ The short answer is yes, and here’s why and how.

Most hay fever and allergy symptoms are caused by the pollen releases into the air so it stands to reason that if you reduce the amount of pollen in the atmosphere then the effects too will be reduced.
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Why lawns make a great investment in your commercial property

Relax Calm Under TreeLawns offer a lot more than just somewhere to kick a ball around and that’s why they are a great investment for your commercial property. Not just for sporting fields, schools and home lawns are becoming more and more popular in commercial complexes and here’s a few reasons why:  Read More→

My lawn is completely overgrown! Help!

Closeup LawnWhether you have moved into a new home with jungle or you’ve let the lawn get overgrown yourself, this is not a great situation for either the look of your property or the health of your lawn. The way to remedy an overgrown lawn depends on the variety of grass you have at your place.  Read More→

Removing Crab Grass from your Lawn

Crab GrassUp here in tropical, North Queensland, Crab Grass is the bane of many a lawn owner. It quite likes full sun, deep shade, heat, humidity, heavy rain and drought – it’s a tough one! Why you’d be particularly noticing it at the moment is because during winter it tends to turns brown, leaving ugly patches in the lawn. And it also leaves seeds to cause problems next year and the year after that…and so on.

So how to remove crab grass from your lawn

Ensure that you mow and treat the crab grass before the three-prolonged seed stalks mature as this will cause even more problems further down the line.

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The All Time Top 7 Lawn Care Tips

Lawn MowingTaking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be all-consuming, expensive or difficult. More often than not it just needs a little bit of effort on a consistent basis to keep your lawn lush, healthy and the envy of the neighbours. Here at Harden Park Lawns we have compiled our all-time top lawn care tips to help you take care of your lawn.

Keep on top of weeds, pests, diseases

To maintain the health of your lawn and reduce the amount of herbicides, insecticides and pesticides applied to the lawn, it’s important that you deal with any issues as soon as they appear. Undertake at least a weekly inspection for weeds, pests and disease. If you see an issue in one part of the lawn, treat as soon as possible to avoid the problem affecting the entire space. Small amounts of weeds can usually be eradicated by hand before they invade the whole yard.
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The Basics of Organic Lawn Care

Lawn CareOrganic lawn care is based on the principles of naturally reducing fertiliser, chemical and water usage and to reduce the infestation of diseases, pests and weeds. Overall it is the practice of reducing lawn maintenance, using natural lawn care products and to naturally prevent and cure problems in the lawn. Read More→