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Going Green in 2018

Here the Harden Park Lawns team list their top lawn care tips for going green in 2018:

Natural and Organic

Growing a healthy lawn in a natural and organic way might mean you need to take a different view of your lawn and what lies beneath – you must consider that your soil is alive.

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Yellow patches in lawns

Do you have yellow patches in your otherwise lovely green lawn? There are a few common reasons it could be happening. Learn more below, and how to fix these issues.

Firstly, take a closer look at your lawn – if the tips of the grass are yellow but the rest of the leaf blade is green, there could be a really simple explanation – and an easy fix. Blunt or dull lawn-mower blades can tear your grass,
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13 lawn care tricks – Part 2

In our last blog post here , we gave you the first 6 of our top 13 good mowing regimen lawn care tips and tricks to maintaining a great looking lawn without over doing it, the following are the remainder of our top 13 lawn care tips and tricks.
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Why do different lawn types vary in price?

You might think that turf is turf and therefore be a bit confused as to why different lawn varieties cost different amounts. You buy each turf by the square metre, so why do the different lawn types vary in price?
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The best water source for lawns

In Australia, and far North Queensland, we are fortunate that we mostly have ready access to an abundance of water. And some of us are more fortunate; we have a variety of water sources to choose from. So, which is the best water source for lawns?
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Edging for your lawn

lawn_edgeAs part of your lawn care regimen you typically whipper snip the edges – this will ensure your lawn stays neat and tidy. However, even if you whipper snip, without a permanent type of edging material, your lawn can still look a bit messy.

Overall the purpose of lawn edging is two-fold:

  1. Functional – it prevents the lawn from spreading into garden beds. It also keeps soil and mulch in the garden bed.
  2. Decorative – lawn edging can add another design element to your garden landscaping.

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How to repair a scalped lawn

When your lawn is mowed so short that you inadvertently remove all of the grass blade and cut into the stem of the grass plant you can end up with a scalped lawn. If you have scalped your lawn it can develop a scaled, sheared or brown appearance.
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Buffalo lawn tips & tricks

Buffalo GrassBuffalo lawns, including Sir Walter, require a few tips and tricks to keep them in ultimate health and condition. Read More→

Zoysia tips & tricks

GrassWhile a Zoysia lawn might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be a great choice of lawn for far north Queensland properties. Zoysia (such as Platinum Zoysia grown and supplied by Harden Park Lawns) is soft to walk on and for children to play on, while having no irritating qualities to pets, children or adults. Read More→

Couch Tips & Tricks

Lawn and HouseCouch lawns have been a favourite lawn variety in Queensland for quite some time now. Their reasonable cost combined with their preference for our warm sunny environments, good drought resistance and quick repair capabilities all work in their favour. Read More→